Welcome to the Young Writer’s Courtyard in Tallinn

Poetry that warms hearts, Young Writer's Courtyard, Tallinn, Estonia.

As an organisation based in Tallinn, Estonia, our love for travel and writing could never be stopped by the inclemencies of the Northern-European winters. Thus, this past Friday, December 7th, we finally inaugurated one of the greatest locations for young (and not so young) writers.

In the heart of the old town of Tallinn, lays a beautiful secluded courtyard whose address is Lai 22. Don’t be afraid and cross the wooden entrance doors, no one will scold you for trespassing. You are getting in a place for shared loved of travelling, storytelling and writing. Poetry or prose, no matter the weather.

Poetry that warms the heart was the name of this inaugural event where beautiful verses were recited both in English and Estonian by their young authors in the middle of an audience warmed by those lyrics, free pu-erh tea and Primitivo, a delightful red wine coming from the heel of Italy, the region of Puglia.

All in all, we had more than 20 souls congregate and help create a delightful atmosphere that really set a cosy feeling on that Friday night. You are more than invited to join us at any time if your travels bring you to Tallinn. Please find us on the Courtyard’s facebook page, and also take this opportunity to maybe be inspired to arrange similar actions in your local community.

In this challenging times, anything that can both warm our souls and brains is highly encouraged and welcome. Don’t you think?

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